Welt Warrior 2

Here is a Welt warrior from Numen the Slayer. When I created the Welts, I drew inspiration from my Celtic and Scandinavian heritage. They traditionally use bronze armor and weapons that they harden and sharpen with magic. Compared to the knights, lords, and kings in Gradaia, the Welts have a much more diverse collection of weapons. These weapons I discovered from Forged in Fire and could be found in Southeast Asia and Africa. They are a spiritual people who take pride in their way of life. While the Civil Folk have their castles, gold, and politics, the Welts had their forests, bronze, and gods.

2 thoughts on “WELTS”

  1. That’s awesome! I love the fact that the shield has those wicked-looking spikes on them. That’s super practical.

    I’m also curious about the idea of using magic to prepare the bronze. How does that process work, exactly? Can anyone do it, or is the ability limited to a few?

    1. The Welts are ruled by chieftains called Jarls, who are Druids or sorcerers who have a special connection with the Elemental Gods. The Jarls use magic and alchemy to create a pool of green fluid that they dip their bronze in. This hardens and sharpens their bronze to the same level as iron or steel. In addition, the green fluid also laces their bronze blades with a lethal poison that will kill their enemies in minutes. If the blade does not kill outright, the target is done for if the poisoned blade so much as scratches their skin. It would not be a painless death at all as they foam at the mouth and green veins bulge under their skin.

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