I thought of something wonderful for the final volume of my fantasy series. I am thinking of making the final volume revolve around the grandson or great-grandson of Numen the Slayer. I am thinking of having this character be Emperor of Gradaia since the day he was born. An infant ruler may seem outrageous at first, but this has happened before in real life. Henry VI was ten months old when he was crowned and the last Emperor of China, Puyi, was two years old when he was crowned. This story idea is interesting to explore because sovereignty would be the only life this character will ever know. Imagine all of the responsibilities and obligations someone would have to go through at such an early age and the psychological impact it would have on them over the years. It is like what Henry IV said, “Weary is the head that wears the crown”.



I found yet another medieval recipe to try for my next fantasy book, sugar wafers. Wafers were the precursors of waffles and were smaller. Waffle cones for ice cream are closer to the medieval wafers. In medieval kitchens, there was a station called a wafery where an officer called a waferer spent all his time making wafers. Even though wafers took about two minutes to make, they were so precious to both royalty and nobility that they were kept under lock and key. They were a delicacy that was reserved only for the king and his favorite servants and courtiers. This is definitely a food that would be eaten by kings and emperors in Gradaia. In fact, I gave them an appearance during a coronation feast, but had to guess what they tasted like. Now with this recipe I will be able to get a more authentic idea of how they smelled and tasted.


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Here is a little costume I will be wearing at my book signing on the 12th. It is a chainmail coif, which is what medieval knights and men-at-arms wear under their helmets. It is a lot heavier than it looks and the links pinch my skin and snag my hair. I have started to write while wearing this thing and I am writing a lot more prolifically with it on. It is as though I am getting in character while writing.


I had a frightening idea for a series I will do in the future. Imagine if an extremist group secretly supported by a powerful government released a biological weapon that was intended to wipe out countries they hated. Instead, the weapon infects all of humanity and as a result, every infant that is born will end up as three different kinds of beings when they reach puberty. A third will be normal human beings, another third will be powerful superhumans, and the last third will mutate into flesh-eating monsters. Over time, this way of life would shape the dystopian world this series depicts. What do you think of this and how can I improve it?



This is a type of sword I included in Numen the Slayer, a falchion. A falchion is a type of single-edged sword that operates like a machete and can only be wielded one-handed. It is one of the weapons of choice of King Robar Baal and has a blade forged from a meteorite called a Ferruman. King Robar uses this in conjunction with a meat cleaver that has a handle made from human bone. These weapons make King Robar a frightening enemy on the battlefield.