Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages! The moment I have waited years for is finally here! My favorite teenage superhero team, The Runaways, has their own live action television show! I was head-over-heels in love with the graphic novel and I am in a state of infinite bliss to know that this show is coming! I can’t wait!


Here is one of my poems that I called “Death’s Harvest”. Enjoy:

“I float above a great hall with my trusty scythe in hand.

Below me are the pitiful mortals wasting their lives.

They party and indulge themselves in order to find

meaning, but they are only making it easier for me to

decide their ultimate fate.


Banquet tables welcome gluttons with plenty.

Paramours embrace one another with lustful intent.

Proud men glare at one another with envious anger.

In the corner, a fat drunk sleeps like a soft pig.

Oh, how I will enjoy claiming them!


With my beloved scythe, I descend upon the hall

each swing of my dark blade fulfills my harvest.

One by one, the sinners fall as their wretched souls

become absorbed by my scythe like a leech

drinking blood.


In moments, my task is done with all the sinners

at my skinless feet. Satisfied with the fruit of my

labor, I take my leave. Inside my scythe, the souls

of the sinners scream!”



The Nzappa zap was a type of battle ax used in the Congo both in war and as symbols of prestige. In combat, the Nzappa zap could be used for hacking and slashing like a regular ax or be thrown from a distance and take a man’s leg off in twenty feet. I gave the Nzappa zap an appearance in Numen the Slayer during the Siege of Foxden. It is one of the tribal weapons I decided to give to a group of woodland clans called the Welts.



After much analysis, I have come to like the First Order as a villainous organization for Star Wars. When you consider their origins and history, you would understand why. After Emperor Palpatine died in Return of the Jedi, his protege Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax activated an insurance policy known as The Contingency. The purpose of the Contingency was to make sure the Galactic Empire died with Palpatine if he died prematurely. Apparently, Palpatine was so greedy and capricious that he did not want anyone ruling his Empire but him, not even his own apprentice Darth Vader. After reading the latest Star Wars books and comics, I discovered that the Contingency involved wiping out Imperial commanders that were deemed unworthy and purging prominent Imperial worlds, including Palpatine’s homeworld, Naboo. Eventually, the Contingency wiped out so many Imperial remnants that only a few fragments remained. The largest and most powerful of these remnants was stationed on Jakku and led by Palpatine’s protege, Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax. Eventually, the Contingency culminated to the Battle of Jakku, which resulted in the final defeat of the Galactic Empire and permanent end to the Galactic Civil War. However, even though the Empire was defeated and gone, Gallius Rax arranged for a select few Imperials to flee into the uncharted Unknown Regions onboard Palpatine’s flagship, The Eclipse. Over time, this handful of devout Imperials gave rise to the First Order. In a way, Palpatine’s Contingency was the best thing that could have happened to the Galactic Empire because it allowed Gallius Rax to exterminate all of the weak and useless Imperials and resources, leaving behind only the strongest and most efficient of the bunch. Among these strong Imperials was Commandant Brendol Hux, father of General Hux. Commandant Hux started a new training program for the Stormtrooper Corps in which soldiers are trained and indoctrinated from birth like the clone troopers were. This resulted in the First Order’s stormtroopers to be better trained and more lethal than the Empire’s. By the time of The Force Awakens, the First Order’s military was significantly smaller than the New Republic’s. In order to compensate for this, the First Order established a quality over quantity policy that allowed them to have better-trained soldiers and more technologically advanced weapons and warships. While the Galactic Empire was ruled by a bunch of pompous bureaucrats who felt nothing but arrogance, the First Order is run by determined and relentless zealots who know the odds are stacked against them yet cannot ignore the promise of a war. Because of their highly trained army, advanced arsenal and navy, and their blindly intense devotion to their cause, the First Order is going to be a much tougher enemy to overcome than the Galactic Empire ever was. Plus, if something happens to the First Order, it is likely that they will repeat the Contingency and rise even stronger and harder than before.




I watched the walkthrough videos of Star Wars Battlefront II and I think we have just discovered the identity of Rey’s parents. I think Rey’s parents may be Iden Versio and Del Meeko, two ex-Imperials who defected to the New Republic during Emperor Palpatine’s Contingency. These two individuals were not just any Imperial defectors. They were members of the special forces unit known as Inferno Squad, who were the best of the best in the Imperial military. Sometime after the Battle of Jakku and the final defeat of the Galactic Empire, Iden and Del got married and had a daughter. These details were revealed in the epilogue, which shows an older Del coming face-to-face with Kylo Ren himself. This was sometime after Ben Solo turned to the dark side and became Kylo Ren yet before The Force Awakens. When the Master of the Knights of Ren ripped Del’s mind apart with the Force, Kylo Ren looked through Del’s memories and found that Del was married Iden and had a daughter with her. The whereabouts of Iden and her daughter are unknown and may be revealed in the next Battlefront game. This is where I think Iden and Del’s daughter is Rey. If Rey is Iden and Del’s daughter, then when we first see her in The Force Awakens she may have been scavenging from the very Star Destroyer her grandfather Admiral Garrick Versio died, which would further bind Rey’s story to Jakku. Maybe we will find more details and revelations in The Last Jedi. I can’t wait.



In Numen the Slayer, I introduced a character named Brom Letum, heir to Foxden Castle. In the story, Brom and his family experience a traumatic event that changed Brom both physically and mentally. With this in mind, these character developments will be depicted in the second volume when he takes up his sword once again. By the second volume, Brom will be forty years old and a hardened survivor of quelling rebellions. When war does break out once more, Brom will be a staunch supporter of Numen’s children. Their relationship will mirror the relationship between Edward IV and Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick.

Edward IV became king due to Warwick’s assistance, which earned Warwick his nickname, “The Kingmaker”. However, Edward and Warwick betrayed one another not once but twice, which turned them into bitter enemies until Warwick was slain in battle.

While I will be drawing inspiration from how Warwick made Edward king, I will be modeling my characters’ relationship on the alternate scenario of what could have happened if Edward and Warwick never became enemies. If Edward and Warwick stayed together until the bitter end, they could have been unstoppable. I will, therefore, incorporate that into my second volume.