In The Last Jedi, we will get to see yet another weapon in the First Order’s arsenal: The All Terrain Megacalibur Six or AT-M6. Apparently, this vehicle is an upgrade of the Old Empire’s AT-AT with a larger size, thicker armor, and augmented weapons. The original AT-AT’s armor was too thick for traditional blasterfire to penetrate except for the neck. In the AT-M6, its armor is not only thicker but broader as well and its neck is much shorter. All of these features give the AT-M6 much better protection than the old AT-AT. As for weapons, the AT-M6 has the same number of turbolasers on its face as the AT-AT, but it also has a more powerful cannon mounted on its back for extra firepower. Another interesting feature that the AT-M6 has compared to the AT-AT is the way its front legs are structured. The AT-M6’s front legs are larger and more sturdy than their back legs and their feet resembles a gorilla walking on its knuckles. This could be how the First Order thought to counter the weakness in the AT-AT’s legs when the Rebels wrapped tangled it with a cable. With legs that sturdy and strong, good luck trying to trip the AT-M6 with a cable. The vehicle’s overall larger size also gives it the added bonus of carrying more troops into battle. Overall, I like the AT-M6 as a military vehicle and I look forward to seeing its destructive combat capabilities when The Last Jedi comes out.

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