Umbran Baal Soldier

Here is what an average Umbran soldier from House Baal looks like. I drew inspiration for their appearance from the Normans and Anglo-Saxons from the 11th century. As loyalists of House Baal, they bear the sigil of House Baal, a red skull on a purple field, on their shields and surcoats. “Flesh Is Power!”


Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 3.19.30 AM

Here is the dragon who appears in Numen the Slayer, Vaerox the Blood Demon. He is called the Blood Demon because of his crimson scales and his ferocity. Vaerox is presumably the last dragon in Gradaia and one of the dreaded Dire Beasts that dwell in the unexplored region known as the Territories. He is as tall as a castle when standing at his full height and wings are so vast that they eclipse the sun as he flies overhead. As a creature of magic, Vaerox has a spiritual connection to the elements and can see events unfold from great distances. He possesses enough destructive power to destroy castles and annihilate armies. Unlike some incarnations of dragons, Vaerox can verbally speak rather than communicate telepathically. Vaerox plays a significant role in Numen the Slayer and the forthcoming sequels.


Even though Numen the Slayer was released, I was informed of some flaws that needed to be addressed. So I hired a professional editor who addressed what needed to be improved. Now Numen the Slayer is new and improved. The Kindle edition has been updated and is available while I am in the process of updating the paperback version. I will let you know when the paperback version is ready. The thing I love with CreateSpace is that I can update and improve my books whenever I want without losing a penny. If any of you are seeking to publish a book, I highly recommend CreateSpace.



Gramfyre is the weapon of choice for Numen Magnus. I named it after Gram, which was the sword the Norse hero Sigurd used to slay the dragon Fafnir. I also drew inspiration from Excalibur from Arthurian Legend and the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings. Just as Excalibur and the One Ring answer to no one except King Arthur and Sauron respectively, Gramfyre answers only to the descendants of its creator, Vaegar Dragonsteel or Vaegar the Mad. Instead of having Gramfyre in a stone like Excalibur, I had it in something else that rhymes with “stone”. Like the One Ring, Gramfyre has the ability to influence the mind of its wielder in order to fulfill its desires. While the One Ring influenced its bearers to return to Sauron, Gramfyre influences its wielders to satisfy its desire for conquest. As a result of this influence, Numen’s personality tends to shift from his normal personality to one of an ambitious and ruthless conqueror, often on a subconscious level.

In terms of appearance, Gramfyre is a hand-and-a-half sword that was forged from the organic metallic ore of a dragon scale. Its blade is pitch black with ancient runes engraved along the fuller. Its crossguard is cruciform in structure, made of gold, and decorated with rubies. The grip is made from polished ivory from dragon bones. Finally, the pommel resembles that of Narsil from The Lord of the Rings except it is made of gold and has a big ruby embedded in the center. Despite its size, the sword is so light that it feels like it’s not even there, which gives it a scary nature, yet it is virtually indestructible and sharp enough to cut through castle-forged steel like a hot knife through butter.

When wielding Gramfyre, its master tends to perform deeds that would be considered impossible by most. Most of the time, Gramfyre constantly influences fate so that its wielder could achieve its desire for conquest. In combat situations, it grants its master the strength, speed, and fury of ten men as well as a high tolerance to physical pain. The only drawback of these abilities is that Gramfyre requires the life force of its wielder in order to fuel its magic. The Civil Folk call Gramfyre the Sword of Power while the Welts refer to it as the Sword of Miracles. Overall, Gramfyre is a selfish, bloodthirsty, and capricious sword that is both a benefit and a liability.



This is the main villain of Numen the Slayer, King Robar Baal of Umbran. While creating him, I drew inspiration from Shakespeare’s version of Richard III as well as the Arthurian tyrant Vortigern. Like Shakespeare’s Richard III, Robar is a hunchback, but to make him more unique and reviled I made him a cannibal as well as a tyrant. Also, I included a more human side to him due to being persecuted all his life as a deformed creature even by his own family. To compensate for his insecurities, Robar purposely makes himself a tyrant in order to demand respect from those who mock him. His last name “Baal” is based on the demon who is one of the Seven Princes of Hell. Robar’s weapons of choice are a falchion forged from a meteorite and a meat cleaver that has a handle made from human bone as well as a collection of knives he carries on his belt. Overall, Robar serves as the driving force behind the story of Numen the Slayer.


This week, I endured the unthinkable! My county endured a fast and terrifying wildfire that nearly burned down our community. It looked like a scene from the Apocalypse! The sky was darkened, ash rained on our cars, and people were being evacuated left and right. I lived in one of the areas that required mandatory evacuation, but my family and I stood our ground and were prepared to leave at the last minute. Fortunately, the Santa Ana winds eventually calmed and the fire department acquired some kind of control of the situation. Also, the fire ultimately blew away from our neighborhood, our house is still standing, and we are safe. We were super-lucky! Still, the very possibility of losing my home nearly pushed me over the edge because it is the only home I have ever known. I am still emotionally drained from the experience, but I am relieved that we are safe. If I was to write a scene involving a dragon burning a village or a scene involving the end of the world, this entire situation would be good inspiration.


Joe Karly

Here is another character from Numen the Slayer, Joe Karly. Joe is a petty thief who joins Numen’s quest with the hope of adventure and riches. Due to his profession, Joe tries to steal anything he can get his hands on when given the chance, which sometimes gets him in trouble. His weapons of choice are a pair of kukuri daggers that he uses with deadly efficiency. As a criminal, Joe never fights fair in a battle and can be mischievous at times. When it comes to stealth missions, Joe is the man for the job.