I had an interesting idea for my second volume of my fantasy series. One of the most famous sea monsters of all time is the Kraken. According to legend, the Kraken was large enough to drag ships into the sea and had tentacles so long that they reached to the top of a galley’s mast. Some say the Kraken resembled an octopus while others say it resembled a squid. I will be doing my own interpretation of this legendary beast in my second volume. According to my calculations, the distance between the sea and the top of the mast is around one hundred feet, which would mean that most of the Kraken’s tentacles would be one hundred feet in length. Therefore, the Kraken’s body would need to be just as long. So far, that would make the Kraken around two hundred feet in length. To make it even longer and larger, the Kraken would also have the two feeding tentacles that are longer than the rest. Because legends cannot decide between squid or octopus for the Kraken’s appearance, I will be combining features from both squid and octopus when depicting the Kraken and give it the super-aggressive behavior of the Humboldt squid, which some people call the Red Devil. Imagine something this large and aggressive battling another type of sea monster while two large fleets battle around them during a violent storm.

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