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Here is the dragon who appears in Numen the Slayer, Vaerox the Blood Demon. He is called the Blood Demon because of his crimson scales and his ferocity. Vaerox is presumably the last dragon in Gradaia and one of the dreaded Dire Beasts that dwell in the unexplored region known as the Territories. He is as tall as a castle when standing at his full height and wings are so vast that they eclipse the sun as he flies overhead. As a creature of magic, Vaerox has a spiritual connection to the elements and can see events unfold from great distances. He possesses enough destructive power to destroy castles and annihilate armies. Unlike some incarnations of dragons, Vaerox can verbally speak rather than communicate telepathically. Vaerox plays a significant role in Numen the Slayer and the forthcoming sequels.

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