One of the more interesting characters of Numen the Slayer is the former pit fighter known as Clovis Virtus. Clovis started out as the son of a blacksmith before being abducted by slavers when he was thirteen and forced to fight in gladitorial death matches. After eight years, Clovis became a hardened survivor of a hundred death matches. He is rarely seen without his great helm, which sports bull horns. His weapon of choice is an iron war hammer. Due to fighting for so long, Clovis becomes an individual who is always seeking a good battle. I named him after the Frankish king known as Clovis during the Dark Ages.


Figure Drawing For Dummies -Mantesh-80-1

I thought of a frightening feature of a character in the second volume of my fantasy series. The red line on this picture represents a gnarled, cauterized scar that runs across the character’s face. When the scar is made, the top half of his ear is cut off and his face becomes so badly burned that his helmet fuses onto his flesh. I thought this would be a good feature for a villain. What do you think?


You are probably wondering why I named my fantasy world Gradaia. I essentially named it after myself, Grady. After doing research on the origin of my name, I discovered that “Grady” is a Gaelic or Irish word for “Noble or Illustrious One”. “Grady” is a common name in my family because it is my father’s name and his father’s before him. If we were kings I would be Grady III. If I had a son I would name him Grady IV. So I tinkered with my name until I was able to make it sound like the name of a fantasy world.



Allow me to give you an idea of how big my fantasy world is in Numen the Slayer. The nine kingdoms of the Empire are the same size as all the combined territory of the British Empire at its zenith. The red on this map is the British Empire’s territory at its peak so if you combine all that land then you will get the Empire of Gradaia. However, it is the only landmass in this entire fantasy world and everything else is open ocean. Due to this whoever controls the Empire literally controls the world.


I have done the second chapter and started the third chapter of the second volume of my fantasy series. Also, I am almost finished with the first chapter of my horror short story. In the fantasy book, we will get a look at the new main characters as well as a broader look at the political field. In the horror short story, I am delving deeper and deeper into my interpretation of Hell, which gives me chills beyond count. I am on fire with my writing and I look forward to seeing where it will lead. I will keep you updated on any further developments.



I heard an interesting theory regarding Bran Stark and the Night King. Some people think that Bran Stark and the Night King are one and the same, which sounds insane, but I think I know how that can happen. When Bran Stark became the three-eyed raven, he became all-seeing and all-knowing with the power to not only see the past, present, and future, but also the ability to insert his presence throughout time. While training with the original three-eyed raven (Bloodraven AKA Brynden Rivers), Bran was warned if he wandered too long in time he would never return. What if Bran┬ásome time does this in the Dawn Age long before the Long Night and his essence became trapped in the past? He would have then been captured by the Children of the Forest, who could have sensed his presence due to their own greenseers. They would then turn him into a weapon against the First Men: the first White Walker and future Night King. By turning Bran into a White Walker, the Children would inadvertently amplify his magic. Because Bran can see the past, present, and future, he would come to realize that Westeros would be doomed to a constant state of war, conquest, and corruption. To solve this problem, Bran would turn himself into a common enemy for the people of Westeros to unite against. If this is so, Bran’s methods may seem cruel and questionable, but there is long-term thinking behind his cold madness. To make the Long Night even worse, if Bran and the Night King are one and the same then the people of Westeros are up against an enemy that not only controls cold, darkness, and death, but also knows everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen. The original three-eyed raven said Bran would fly and I think the Night King riding an undead dragon is the culmination of that prophecy. I hope we will get a clear answer to this theory next season.


Guess what? I am an unexpected idea tonight. I have decided to write a horror novella. I have never done horror before because I was concerned that my ideas would be too much for my readers to handle. Now, however, I have decided to write one and aim to have it released by this Halloween. As a warning, the things I imagine in the horror genre is like Hellraiser on steroids. I will be basing this novella on one of my deepest and darkest fantasies. I already hired a cover designer so we will see the cover soon. I will keep you updated on any further developments.



I just saw a rather interesting John Carpenter film, In the Mouth of Madness. I enjoyed this film because it depicted my favorite theme as an author: what if whatever a writer writes becomes real? This film demonstrated what could happen if a horror novelist’s imagination becomes real. It gave me chills because what if the darkest corners of my imagination came to life? Also, it gives you the psychological perspective of a book character, who are unaware that they are fictional. In addition, the film illuminated an undeniable fact about writers: in the real world we are as mortal as everyone else, but in our imaginations we are Gods. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who likes horror, adrenaline thrill rides, and complex mysteries.