What would you do if you could own a dragon? How would you take care of it? Where would you keep it? Personally, I would keep a dragon on a cattle farm in Australia. It may sound strange at first, but there is a reason to my madness. First of all, like snakes, dragons keep growing for the rest of their lives so they would need a lot of wide open spaces for them to roam. In Australia, there are cattle farms that are millions of acres and can house thousands of cows. All that land would give the dragon enough room to maneuver and it will be filled with enough beef to last until the end of its days. Also, there would be rivers that would provide plenty of water as well as crocodiles for extra sustenance. The Australian Outback used to be home to thirty-foot long monitor lizards in the Ice Age so it would make sense that it would be suited for a dragon. How about you?

7 thoughts on “OWNING A DRAGON”

  1. Being from central Europe, maybe some of the sparsely populated mountains in Slovakia would be decent hideout. And they could solve the overpopulation of wild boars, especially now with the African swine plague.

  2. I would probably keep him in my house or near my house, no matter how much it costs. Plus, I believe dragons are intelligent beings, so I think he/she’ll understand.

  3. I live in a beach town, so I keep picturing my dragon living at the top of the lighthouse. The could have the open sea right in front, and easily lord over the town. Because, of course, the dragon is not only smart, but WISE! And we should all be great full to do their bidding. 😛

  4. 🙂 Now this brings a smile to my face ..My 3 year old wanted to keep 2 dragons for pets in our Flat in Delhi!!!Sadly he resigned to the fact that we were unable to find dragons for him … But had we got one , It would have been the bedroom or the balcony . I wonder if my dog and the dragon would be friends with each other ….

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