A type of high quality metal in Numen the Slayer is Aetherian Steel. Aetherian Steel is made from the cosmic ore from meteorites and creates armor and weapons that are stronger, lighter, and sharper than castle forged steel. Due to the quality it produces, Aetherian Steel is worth three times its weight in gold. The coloration it comes in range from black that glitters silver to silver that glitters white. Such items are a rarity because meteorites land in random locations, which makes it even harder to find them because they could be on top of the highest mountain, at the bottom of the sea, or in the middle of a monster infested wilderness. Because of its rarity, only the various kings and emperors in the Empire in the form of their ancestral swords. The kings and emperors are the only ones that have the gold to buy and forge it or the muscle to take the steel if they want it bad enough. I named it “Aetherian” Steel because aether is the blood of the gods in some aspects of mythology and since this metal comes from the heavens (which is where gods live) I thought it fit it like a slipper.

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