On Sunday, my family and I had a classy day. We went to the 70th floor of the tallest building in Los Angeles, just a few floors shy of the top. We were over one thousand feet in the air and we hardly felt anything as we went up the elevator. Once we were in the lounge, we had the fanciest desserts we ever had in a while: chocolate cake that was sprinkled with gold leaf. In terms of inspiration, I got plenty for my fantasy book series from this experience. For instance, the building was as tall as the Imperial Palace in Chrysos so I got to have a firsthand look at the world from that height. Also, I took a sample of gold leaf and combined it with a sip of red wine. The reason I did this was because Henry VIII drank wine that was flavored with gold and I wanted to get a taste of what it is like for future works. The resulting mixture was a healthy balance sweet, sour, and spicy, but I could not taste the gold because it disintegrated the instant it touched my tongue. To make the experience more exciting, it was Emmy night and we were two blocks away from the Emmys and had multiple unidentified celebrities above us who were gathering for a dinner party before the Red Carpet. Sadly, we didn’t get to see them or get their autograph because my family and I are just lowly peasants. Still, the entire day was bliss and my family and I are thinking of making it our new Sunday routine.

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