As I continue to write the second volume of my fantasy series, I contemplate on how I should portray the outcome of the tournament that takes place in the beginning. The events will include jousting, melee, archery, and horse racing. Jousting is when two knights charge at one another with lances in an attempt to knock each other off their horse. Melee is when two knights battle one another into submission with weapons and shields. Archery is obvious because it involves shooting a target from hundreds of yards away. Finally, horse racing involves racing around a track five times. Based on these games and what they require, what kind of character would you want to win in each sport in the tournament? The reason I ask is because I am trying to figure out new characters to introduce to the story. Please share your thoughts. Thank you.


  1. Always the hero, the protagonist I love them to win. But then its a bit cliched so this time I want the antagonist to win, the anti-hero, the cocky one. Maybe the protagonist is injured and not able to compete. Or maybe his brother competes instead and wins the tournament causing a family resentment. That’s the Gemini in me 🙂

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