I have seen videos of swords being forged from meteorites. This gave me an idea for my fantasy book. Because the universe to completely unexplored beyond our solar system, there are bound to be asteroids and meteorites made from metallic ore we have never seen before. With this in mind, I featured weapons forged from such cosmic metal and they will be of greater quality than castle-forged steel. I even went as far as naming this steel after the blood of the gods themselves.



While thinking of something original for the dragons in my fantasy series, I drew inspiration from the bombardier beetle. Bombardier beetles have various glands that combine combustible chemicals and when they are attacked by a predator the beetle sprays super-hot toxic chemicals that are the same temperature as boiling water. This gave me an idea for making my dragons breathe fire. What if dragons have similar glands in their mouths that ignite when they come into contact with each other? That way, a dragon’s fiery breath would not be pure flame but a thick stream of flaming chemicals. Now think of those chemicals operating like napalm by sticking to you as it burns you alive. That is essentially how I have imagined the dragon fire in my fantasy book.



It has been frequently mentioned throughout the fantasy genre that a dragon’s scales are stronger and harder than any castle-forged armor. I once saw in the 1981 film Dragonslayer a shield made from dragon scales, which protected a man from dragon fire. This got me wondering if a shield can be made from dragon scales why not a sword. With this in mind, what if the reason why dragon scales are so durable is because they have an organic metallic ore inside them that is tougher than steel? I have been toying with this idea for the main character’s weapon in my fantasy book.


I just had a fun thought I may toy with in future volumes of my fantasy series. Imagine being charged by over ten thousand men on horseback. All of these men will be fully armored knights and hardened survivors of a hundred battles. Now imagine being in an army that is larger than the cavalry force, but fresh and inexperienced. What do you think your odds of winning or surviving are?


I have finally finished the first volume of my fantasy trilogy! It has been a very enjoyable experience engaging this project. I gave the story a dark and foreboding ending that promises an even more epic sequel. I have now officially set a new record of writing a whole book in just six months. Normally it takes me a year or so to write a whole book so this sets the bar even higher than before. I look forward to my next project. Wish me luck and I will keep you updated.