I am experimenting with a new medieval recipe I came across: iced milk with honey. This picture features the ingredients I will be using in this experiment. As I am about to begin the second volume of my fantasy series, I seek new opportunities to try medieval cuisine. For this case, I think this would be a nice breakfast or dessert drink.

You combine one cup of milk, two tablespoons of honey, and a pinch of cinnamon. I then mix them together the ingredients before pouring them into a glass and adding a few ice cubes. Then I let the drink chill for an hour. I am currently waiting for my timer to sound so I can taste the fruit of my labors. I will keep you updated.


I had an idea for the most epic medieval wedding as the beginning of the second volume for my fantasy series. This will consist four weddings taking place on the same day. After the four ceremonies there would be a tournament that takes place for two weeks. Over a thousand knights would compete in jousting, melee, archery, and horse racing. At the end of each day of the tournament there would be a feast with almost eighty courses of food. For entertainment, these feasts will include singers, musicians, acrobats, dancers, jesters, jugglers, pyromancers, and sword swallowers. What do you guys think? Would this not be the most epic medieval wedding imaginable?


For the second volume of my fantasy series, I am thinking of having it revolve around the quadruplet sons of the main character of the first volume. Even though they are identical quadruplets, they each have different appearances and characteristics that allow you to tell them apart. One is a muscular warrior and knight, one is a gaunt scholar and politician, one is a lean hunter and rogue, and the eldest one is a healthy balance between warrior and politician. What do you think?


I learned that “President” Trump’s most recent approval ratings are about 36%, which is the lowest in modern history. He has proven himself to be one of (if not THE) worst President who took office since Richard Nixon. He has blasted the media, which violates the freedom of speech of the Constitution and proves that he has an ego the size of Jupiter that is very easily wounded. He has done two Muslim bans that not only alienated America from the Muslim community, but also created all out chaos in airports all over the country. He attempted to force a “healthcare bill” that is really a tax bill in disguise, which would strip millions of Americans of their healthcare (and most likely kill them). He has withdrawn America from the Paris Climate Accord, which will cause global warming to destroy the world within a matter of centuries or sooner. He has alienated America’s allies around the world. We are learning that his son, son-in-law, and campaign manager have been meeting with agents of the Russian government such as a lawyer, a military spy, and a banker with ties to both Trump and Putin. The nature of this meeting is very likely to be both illegal and treasonous. Trump and his followers are disgracing themselves further every day and Trump refuses to take any of the blame. Still, despite all of the corrupt actions he and his sycophants have taken, a large number of Americans still believe in him. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING???!!! When is the nation as a whole going to wake up and admit that Trump is the worst person to be leader of the free world?! What do you think?



Easily one of the darkest forms of magic is blood magic. As its name suggests this sorcery is fueled by blood. The more blood you sacrifice the more powerful the magic becomes. In order to truly master blood magic, you need blood from someone you love, blood from someone you hate, and blood from yourself. I will be featuring blood magic in my fantasy series and it will be used to perform unnatural and unholy feats.


The season premiere of Game of Thrones blessed us with a glimpse of the growing strength of the White Walkers. Their numbers have grown to the point in which their undead army can be seen as far as the eye could see like an unholy ocean of death. To make matters worse, the White Walkers have now added at least three undead giants to their army. We all saw how much effort it takes to kill a live giant so re-killing an undead one is going to be much more difficult. So far, we don’t know if the White Walkers have undead bears or ice spiders that are as big as hounds like in the books, but due to the vastness of the undead army it is likely they are there somewhere waiting to strike. I cannot wait to see the full lethality of the White Walkers this season as they continue to march towards the Wall to invade the realms of men once again. Like Euron Greyjoy, the White Walkers are the storm; the first and the last. Soon the War of the Five Kings will be over and the new War for the Dawn will begin.



After watching the season premiere of Game of Thrones Season 7, I contemplated House Lannister’s current status in the War of the Five Kings. As Jaime stated, the Lannisters are finally losing the war now that they are without allies or resources and surrounded by enemies. With Tommen “Baratheon” dead, I expect the Stormlands to rise in rebellion now that they have no Great House to lead them. I can expect the same from the Riverlands now that House Tully is deposed and House Frey is exterminated. After the losses they took throughout the war, I calculate House Lannister’s military strength to be half of what it was at the start of the war, which would be around 30,000 men. Since they hold King’s Landing, they could raise new levies from the Crownlands, but that will only increase their army by another 15,000 men, which is still not enough. With the Freys and Boltons extinct and Tyrells abandoning them as well as the loss of their gold mines, the Lannisters will not have the resources to feed their armies, fund their war effort, or pay back the Iron Bank of Braavos when they arrive. To make up for their lack of allies, the Lannisters became desperate enough to side with the ironborn, who have of fifty-fifty chance of turning on them. Worst factor of all is the fact that Cersei has lost all grasp on reality with delusions of grandeur. She think she can win the war even though the entire realm has turned on her family. The Mad King started out like this before his mind degenerated into an insane mush. As usual, I think Cersei is wanting power for the sake of power, which is a dangerous mindset for a monarch to possess because it will eventually drive them mad with hubris. Also, the smartest living Lannister Tyrion has sided with the largest and most powerful faction in the whole war, Daenerys Targaryen. While Tyrion is smarter than Cersei and Jaime combined, when you combine his wits with Daenerys’s numbers and firepower you have an unstoppable force that will crush the Lannisters once and for all. The Lannisters have been winning the war and staying in power only when the Tyrells sided with them, which allowed them to recover from their loses from the Stark armies. Overall, the odds are not on the Lannisters’ side and it is likely they will not survive the ultimate outcome of the War of the Five Kings. The gold lions are doomed and they will acknowledge that they are not the only ones who pay their debts!