I enjoyed the season premiere of Game of Thrones. Even though it was only a warm up episode that set the stage for the season, I liked it. I was particularly giddy when I saw that complete justice for the Red Wedding was finally done. I was equally giddy when I saw that the Lannisters became the weakest faction in the War of the Five Kings and are desperate for resources and allies. Also, we got to see undead giants in the White Walker army. We saw how much effort it takes to kill a live giant so re-killing an undead one is going to be even more difficult and dangerous. When Euron Greyjoy appeared, I expected him to be as badly portrayed as he was last season, but I was pleased that he was better portrayed. The Mad Kraken even gave a playful smile when he saw the Mountain lumber towards him, which shows just how crazy Euron Greyjoy is. I hear that this season Euron Greyjoy will make Ramsay Snow and King Joffrey look like children by comparison. We also got to see the Hound find faith in the Gods and show a clear hint to the Grave Digger theory. So far, Jon Snow is doing good as the new King in the North, but as long as Littlefinger is present and whispering in Sansa’s ear the stability of Jon’s reign is put into question. Finally, Daenerys Targaryen finally came home to her family’s ancestral seat of Dragonstone. Even though there was no dialogue in this scene until the very end, I loved the tension and suspense it possessed. When Daenerys lands on the beach and touches the sand, it reminds me of what Henry Tudor did when he landed in Wales during the War of the Roses. After landing in the Welsh beaches, Henry Tudor fell to his knees in prayer and said, “Judge me Lord and favor my cause.” I think Daenerys was doing something similar when she touched the sand and we all know that Henry Tudor’s prayer was answered so the same can happen with Daenerys. Now Daenerys is about to follow in the footsteps of her ancestor Aegon the Conqueror as she begins planning the new War of Conquest.


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