One character I look forward to seeing in action this season of Game of Thrones is the Mad Kraken, Euron Greyjoy. In the books, it was said that while Balon Greyjoy was mad and Aeron Greyjoy was madder, Euron Greyjoy is the maddest Greyjoy of them all. In my opinion, Euron Greyjoy was worse than Ramsay Snow. Euron committed atrocities ranging from kinslaying, ripping peoples’ tongues out, forcing people to eat human flesh, molest his own brothers in their sleep, and even tie pregnant women to the prow of his own ship as makeshift hood ornaments (after ripping out their tongues). Even though his introduction in the show was a let down, I feel like he still has a chance to become the Mad Kraken we know he can be. I hear that early in the show, Euron defeats Daenerys’s fleet at sea and takes Yara Greyjoy and the Sand Snakes hostage before presenting them to Cersei Lannister. This may sound twisted, but I think it would be a nice homage to Euron in the books if he ties Yara and the Sand Snakes to the prow of his ship or rip their tongues out or force Yara to eat the flesh of her crew or the Sand Snakes the flesh of Dornishmen. If the producers include any of those elements from the books, I will be very happy and it will redeem Euron’s poor introduction from last season. Euron does not worship the Drowned God; he IS the Drowned God. He did not go mad during a storm; he IS the storm: the first and the last. From Oldtown to Qarth, when men see Euron’s sails they pray. We should do the same when we see the Silence emerge from the horizon.


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