I came across an interesting discovery regarding Henry VIII. Before he let himself go, Henry was a prolific athlete and often participated in jousting tournaments. However, he had two notable jousting accidents that left him with several concussions and ulcerous wounds on his legs. The concussions gave him emotional and psychological instability while his leg injuries left him in a constant state of debilitating pain. These unpredictable mood swings combined with being in pain all the time may have contributed to him becoming a tyrant. For my fantasy book, I am thinking of incorporating similar injuries to the main villain. At first, he will start out as a competent ruler, but his wounds eventually turn him into a tyrant.


I have watched a History Channel documentary called Superheroes Decoded and it has given me a whole new perspective on the superhero genre. From the 1930s to the present, superheroes have symbolized America’s core values. However, as America changed over the years so did superheroes. Superheroes emerged as propaganda tools during World War II to symbols of feminism or the civil rights movement. I am thinking of writing a new superhero series that will reflect the times and conditions we live in now. I have been monitoring the news and I have seen police brutality, racism, terrorism, political corruption, homophobia, xenophobia, and many other dark aspects that define the cruel reality we all live in. Like the superheroes in that documentary, my new superhero series will symbolize everything I have seen. It will be a dystopian world where all of the negative social aspects I mentioned before reign supreme. This will allow me to create darker and more morally ambiguous superheroes to the point of making them anti-heroes.


I have written the 23rd chapter of my fantasy book and started the 24th chapter. In these chapters, I will be writing the next stage of the siege battle and give my readers a look at some of the Imperial politics. So far, the siege battle has become increasingly chaotic with heavy losses on both sides. As for the Imperial politics, even though this story will be set in an empire I will somewhat model its politics on those of medieval politics. It has become a very interesting process and I look forward to finding out what direction this will take in the future.



I thought of an interesting feature to add to the siege battle in my fantasy book. In my medieval research, I learned that some siege battles included a tactic that involved what is called a sally port. A sally port is a small, easily concealed and defensive hole in the side of a castle in which a small force of defenders can sneak out and sabotage or fend off invaders before retreating back into the hole to regroup. I am on the verge of writing a scene that involves to usage of a sally port and it will be chaotic and full of loss.