In order to better visualize some of the characters and concepts of my fantasy series, I have started to make sketches. Here is a possible idea for a crown in my fantasy series. I have not decided which character should wear it, but I think it is a good model to start from. What do you think?


Imagine an army that is capable of becoming berserkers and are armed with poisoned weapons. Being berserkers, they would be immune to pain and fear and be consumed by all-consuming rage and bloodlust, giving each of them the strength and ferocity of ten men. With their poisoned weapons, all it would take is one scratch to kill an enemy in minutes. These factors would make them capable of taking on a much larger army. What do you think?



As a superhero fanatic and writer, I have always been bothered by the most troublesome riddle: How do you punish the Punisher? The Punisher has been judge, jury, and executioner to any criminal he hunts, but in the end is it even possible to punish the embodiment of punishment? I got my answer when I read a Runaways comic in which the Punisher got his butt kicked by Molly Hayes, who was an eleven year old girl with superhuman strength. No matter how you look at it, nothing would be more humiliating for a macho man like the Punisher than having his butt handed to him by a little girl. What do you think? Is there a better punishment for the Punisher or is this it?


I have reached the twenty-fifth chapter of my fantasy book and this is one of the scenes I have been waiting for. In this chapter, the main character will encounter something that is both dark and ancient. Encountering this mysterious creature will reveal the mystical aspects of my fantasy world as well as some of its backstory. It will be a serious life or death situation that has a very costly twist.