In order to keep with my viking roots, I am thinking of including funeral pyres in my fantasy book. Normally, during a funeral pyre the deceased’s ashes are scattered into the wind or the sea. However, I will be adding my own twist to the process by finding a way to preserve the ashes and put them in the most unlikely tomb imaginable. This unique tomb will be reserved for individuals of Imperial descent.



Another frightening and exotic weapon I hope to include in my fantasy book is an African blade called the hunga munga. This weapon was a combination between a battle axe and throwing knife. Due to its elaborate craftsmanship, the hunga munga had edges and blades every which way. Since it was traditionally wielded by tribesmen, I thought it would be fitting to give this weapon to the culture I will base on my Celtic ancestors in my fantasy world.


In the past three days, I have written forty-one pages and done three chapters. I am on the verge of writing the epic conclusion of the siege battle. An army has been raised. A rebellion is growing. At the end of this first book, the phoenix will rise! I have so much writing energy right now that I think I might finish this story by the end of the year or sooner. I look forward to the conclusion of this exciting new writing project and I will keep you updated on any further developments.


Panabas Book

As I mentioned before in some of my earlier posts, I am thinking of including very exotic weapons in my fantasy book. For instance, I am thinking of giving the Celt-like culture in my fantasy world tribal weapons from Africa and the Philippines. One such example is the panabas, which is a weapon from the Philippines that was used for war, agriculture, and executions. In my fantasy book, I am thinking of having the panabas the design in this picture above, but I will be making a few changes to the weapon. The blade will be made from bronze instead of iron or steel. The wrapping will be made from either rawhide, sinew, or leather. The handle will be made from either ivory, bone, or wood. What do you think?


Over the past few weeks, I have been writing my fantasy book like clockwork. In fact, yesterday I have written twenty pages! With each chapter and scene I write, the larger and more complex my fantasy world becomes. It is gaining a lot more moving parts that explore areas of politics, warfare, and magic. I depicted scenes that featured the relationship between the various baronies in the current kingdom and the beginnings of an all-out rebellion against the monarchy. Also, I have written how the current emperor of the continent handles political situations such as quelling revolts and finding ways to appease his subjects. In addition, I have written an extraordinary transformation my main character undergoes during his time in exile. It has been a very glorious process that is hopelessly addictive!



I had thought a great deal about the aftermath and consequences of the Red Wedding. In the show, it was revealed that House Bolton’s role at the Red Wedding will ultimately lead to their extinction. As for House Frey, more of them have died in the aftermath of the Red Wedding than in the War of the Five Kings. Also, either by natural causes or by assassination Walder Frey will soon die and House Frey will be thrown into chaos and possibly extinction from infighting. To make matters worse for the Freys, their very name has now become a synonym for treachery and dishonor. That will be their ultimate legacy. Most important of all are the consequences the Lannisters will face in the long run. Most of the realm does not know Tywin Lannister’s role in the Red Wedding, but the fact that the Lannisters rewarded, supported, and protected a bunch of dishonorable traitors, oathbreakers, and mass murderers speaks volumes and raised suspicions. Which puts the Lannisters in a very precarious position. The reason for this is because if they continue supporting and protecting the Freys and Boltons, the realm will hate rather than fear them more than ever until the end of time and they will be far less respected. However, if they cut the Boltons and Freys loose to draw attention away from their role in the Red Wedding they will risk losing control of the North and Riverlands. One way or another, the fates of the Lannisters, Freys, and Boltons are all intertwined because they committed the most atrocious and unforgivable crime in recent memory. Tywin Lannister was so focused on beating the Starks no matter the cost that he failed to recognize this long term consequence his family will endure until the day their bloodline ends.



Did you know that by the time of her death Queen Victoria had nine children, 42 grandchildren, and 87 great grandchildren? That is a grand total of 138 descendants! I am thinking of applying something similar with the main character in my fantasy series. With that many descendants, he could easily establish a dynasty that would last a thousand years.



Sorcery has always been a defining aspect of fantasy. It has been shown to perform magnificent deeds such as turning lead into gold. I had a fascinating idea for my fantasy book that involves a similar feat. What if there was a method to turn any metal or rock into a ore that could be stronger, lighter, and more durable than any other metal? Such a metal would probably be as valuable as gold if it could produce high quality armor and weapons. I will explore this further as my writing progresses.