I had thought a great deal about the aftermath and consequences of the Red Wedding. In the show, it was revealed that House Bolton’s role at the Red Wedding will ultimately lead to their extinction. As for House Frey, more of them have died in the aftermath of the Red Wedding than in the War of the Five Kings. Also, either by natural causes or by assassination Walder Frey will soon die and House Frey will be thrown into chaos and possibly extinction from infighting. To make matters worse for the Freys, their very name has now become a synonym for treachery and dishonor. That will be their ultimate legacy. Most important of all are the consequences the Lannisters will face in the long run. Most of the realm does not know Tywin Lannister’s role in the Red Wedding, but the fact that the Lannisters rewarded, supported, and protected a bunch of dishonorable traitors, oathbreakers, and mass murderers speaks volumes and raised suspicions. Which puts the Lannisters in a very precarious position. The reason for this is because if they continue supporting and protecting the Freys and Boltons, the realm will hate rather than fear them more than ever until the end of time and they will be far less respected. However, if they cut the Boltons and Freys loose to draw attention away from their role in the Red Wedding they will risk losing control of the North and Riverlands. One way or another, the fates of the Lannisters, Freys, and Boltons are all intertwined because they committed the most atrocious and unforgivable crime in recent memory. Tywin Lannister was so focused on beating the Starks no matter the cost that he failed to recognize this long term consequence his family will endure until the day their bloodline ends.


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