Imagine an army that is capable of becoming berserkers and are armed with poisoned weapons. Being berserkers, they would be immune to pain and fear and be consumed by all-consuming rage and bloodlust, giving each of them the strength and ferocity of ten men. With their poisoned weapons, all it would take is one scratch to kill an enemy in minutes. These factors would make them capable of taking on a much larger army. What do you think?



  1. Some thoughts on that one, since you asked… people who have an all-consuming rage tend to be that way for several reasons, but usually when this individual is consumed by their rage they lack self-control. Example: Mad drunks who beat family members.

    That’s all well and good if you’re in the midst of an enemy army and you’re chopping off limbs all around you, but warfare is about control. If you can shoot your bow better than the other guy, you’ll win. If you randomly shoot your arrows any direction, you may hit an enemy or you may hit a friendly.

    And then there’s the downside of berserking. Let’s say you manage to get together 40 guys who can all berserk at the same time. All-consuming rage, no self-control, poison weapons,…training accidents. Also, A-CR means they don’t have very good IFF, and they’re going to kill friendlies and enemies alike, whoever is close.

    For an example, there’s a great game, Rome: Total War where you can have elephants in battle. Elephants under control = awesome soldier squishing power. Enemy lines are trampled to bits and the entire enemy line sometimes collapses due to morale failure. Elephants that are wounded = an elephant that is lashing out and charging at whatever is front of it. It no longer listens to the mahout riding on its back. It may chew up your veteran front line. It may chew up the enemy. It may charge into the middle of a battle and trample both sides. It doesn’t care! So I think of berserkers as sort of like wounded elephants. They’re VERY dangerous but mostly ineffective because the weapon cannot be aimed and implemented in a logical or useful manner.

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