I had an interesting idea for my fantasy series and it concerns the idea of mistresses and illegitimate children. In my medieval research, I discovered that Vikings and Normans frequently had many mistresses in addition to their lawful wives. As a result, they would have a lot of illegitimate children. William the Conqueror was one such illegitimate child and look what became of him. This was before Christianity insisted that having mistresses and illegitimate children were shameful. To the Vikings and Normans, there was no discernible difference between “illegitimate” or “legitimate” children. They would often give their illegitimate children their own land, wealth, titles, and lands. Also, I discovered that the ancient Chinese emperors had concubines and since my fantasy series takes place in an empire, all of these concepts would fit well with the setting. I am thinking of incorporating these ideas in my fantasy book, but with my own unique twist to it.


  1. I have always marveled that the Old Testament of the Christian Bible is purely rife with references to concubines, polygamy, and the mingling of cultures/rules/genitalia, and yet the organized religion of Christendom from the early Medieval period on is profoundly condemning of anything outside the bounds of legal and inescapable marriage. Funny, considering how many full blown orgies were held by popes in the Vatican during the Black Plague (and after!)….

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