For some time I have been planning to build the setting of my fantasy book around a supercontinent. A supercontinent is essentially the only giant landmass on a planet. The most famous supercontinent is Pangea, which eventually broke apart into the seven continents that exist today. I like the idea of a supercontinent because is symbolizes a form of unity. If Pangea never broke apart, our nations would have been brought closer together. In my fantasy book, the supercontinent will be divided up into many kingdoms under a single empire. This would be similar to how England and Ireland were divided up into petty kingdoms. Due to my past as a prehistory buff, this would be a good way to reconnect with the distant past.


  1. I’ve just read the second book in a fantasy series set on a supercontinent — Lin Carter’s Gondwane epic, starring Ganelon Silvermane. Different concept than yours: Carter is imagining the Earth 700 million years in the future, when continental drift has brought the continents BACK together again. He named it after Gondwanaland, the other theoretical supercontinent. I like the idea of a world that has never been separated by oceans.

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