I have been thinking about House Stark lately and I have grown to respect them in a very extreme way. The reason for this is because no matter what happened to them their bloodline refused to die. After tragedy after tragedy, the Starks always find a way to endure. Lord Rickard Stark and Brandon Stark were murdered by the Mad King and Lyanna Stark died giving birth. Bran Stark was crippled, Benjen Stark became undead, Ned Stark lost his head, Robb Stark was murdered at the Red Wedding, Jon Snow was killed in a mutiny and later resurrected, and Rickon Stark was murdered by Ramsay Snow. Despite all of those tragedies and all of their hardships, House Stark always found a way to survive. I think in the end their bloodline will still survive the hardships to come whether if the bloodline in question is legitimate, illegitimate, male, or female. The Starks are like cockroaches because you cannot truly kill their lineage, which is a fitting feature for one of the oldest living dynasties in Westeros. Based on everything that is happening in the War of the Five Kings, the Starks will ultimately outlive the Lannisters, which would give them the last laugh.


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