The more I write my upcoming fantasy book, the more I realize that what started as a mere fantasy tale is transforming into a dark fantasy tale. Personally, I like dark fantasy because it ventures into the more complex and morally ambiguous aspects of how we perceive the world. It will not be dark fantasy as in black magic or evil monsters, but will be dark to the point in which you cannot tell if the characters are fundamentally good or evil. Even the main protagonist can be seen as morally ambiguous because of the intense character development he endures at the start of the story. There will be more than just brutal battles and cutthroat politics. There will also be things ranging from cannibalism to corpse robbing. The darkness and glimpses of light in human nature is what it means to live in a medieval world and I incorporate it into my fantasy book. It is like I am reaching deep into my darkest fantasies and manifesting them into my writing. This must be how writers such as Stephen King feels when they write. I feel like a puzzle master constructing the most complex puzzle I can think of with each step I take. I will keep you updated on how much further this story progresses.


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