Trump fired FBI director James Comey today. While I am for removing Comey after his incompetence ruined Hillary Clinton’s chance of winning the election, something is not right about all of this. If Trump wanted to fire Comey for ruining Hillary’s campaign, he would have fired him months ago. Comey was in charge of the investigation of Trump’s possible connection with the Russian government. Due to the timing and circumstances, I think Comey was close to finding something that could ruin the Trump administration, which could be the real reason why Comey was fired. There is a possible conspiracy and coverup happening here! With Trump firing anyone and everyone who gets in his way, our only real option of exposing the truth is to elect an independent prosecutor who acts outside of the President’s authority. Only then can we get the answers we need to bring Trump and his sycophants down. I will be keeping a bottle of champagne ready when the truth comes out.



  1. We have a constitutional crisis in our nation. You are right, the investigation was getting to close to the Trump/Russia connection. This is a challenge of courage to the GOP…step up or get out.

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