I had an interesting idea for my fantasy book. What if the main character gained a companion who became his personal scribe, chronicler, and propagandist? I got the idea from William Shakespeare, who was the Tudor Dynasty’s foremost propagandist. What if this companion follows the main character wherever he goes and writes and tells poems, tales, and songs of the main character’s exploits? This character would be no warrior, but he will aid the main character’s cause by spreading his story by word of mouth just as William Shakespeare illuminated the Tudors’ supposed legitimacy to the English throne through his plays. I will tinker with this further and keep you updated on any further developments.


  1. That’s a really interesting idea. It could work because you could use conversations between your characters to make your protagonist more 3D. I’m intrigued and I want to see how this unfolds

  2. When I hear ‘Chronicler’ I think Name of the Wind/Wisemans Fear. Can definitely be something used to great effect and, as DouglasWTSmith says above me, it could add more dimension to your characters.

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