I am toying with the idea of having dragons take human form in my fantasy book. There have been cases in which dragons do this such as World of Warcraft and Dragonlance. When I think of a dragon in human form, I envision them being similar to high elves in that they are tall and inhumanly beautiful. However, they would be covered in soot and smell like ash. I will tinker with this further as I continue writing.

6 thoughts on “DRAGONS IN HUMAN FORM”

  1. I like the Dragon in Human Form idea, because it hasn’t been done that much. I have a Dragon in Human Form in my current Work in Progress, but it’s something only I know and isn’t even going to be told to my reader (in this book, at least). I got the inspiration when researching the lore of WoW. Personally, though, I love your interpretation, especially the smelling of ash, it’s that kind of subtlety that could distinguish them.

  2. I think the smelling of ash could maybe happen as they change forms or just before they change like the sound of a tornado warning comes first before devasation. Otherwise, I would think they would have this alluring musk scent that would compel people to want to do whatever the dragon said to do. Much like the siren call of a mermaid. Just a thought.

  3. OK, I know you didn’t ask for input but this post has been on my mind all day. OK so here goes. The dragon people could only reproduce in dragon form (egg laying). As a rule, they would think that humans were beneath them. When they find the mate, a tat of some kind would form as a permanent ID on each of the mates
    . As a conflict, one’s perfect mate could be human. Just a thought.

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