I saw on the news that a 10 year old autistic boy was arrested for kicking his teacher. As an autism ambassador, I am completely appalled by how the so-called police handled the situation. I was in that kid’s situation when I was his age. Back then I had little to no control over my emotions and impulses and there have been people who were cruel to me as a result. Rather than accommodate the child to calm him down they outright arrest him like a common criminal. I am officially losing all faith in our society. We have become brutal and sadistic to the point in which we traumatize autistic children over petty little things. I hope this video finally motivates the people to do something to change the way schools and the police handle situations like this.


  1. The kid is TEN! Why are they arresting him for something completely out of his control? He isn’t doing anything wrong, and he’s harmless. Arresting a kid rather than finding coping mechanisms is so extreme. It’s just appalling that they’d do such a thing.

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    I have shared this on every social media I have. This is horrible and needs to be seen by everyone. Our system is failing our special needs, mentally ill and so many others and it sickens me.

  3. I’m impressed by how the mom acted and how the boy held it together. Someone should have gone to the house, a police officer and school social worker perhaps, and explained that assault charges had been filed and what their options were. They should have been given an opportunity, resources, and suggestions about how to address the issue. Arrest and handcuffs were clearly unnecessary. Someone in the system was not thinking.

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