In addition to completing his dark side training, it has been revealed that Kylo Ren will receive a new look in The Last Jedi. This is rough concept art from someone who has seen the trailers. By examining this illustration, it becomes clear that Kylo Ren will discards the combat skirt and short tattered cloak he wore before. In their place Kylo Ren will wear a longer and cleaner cape that is similar to his grandfather’s. Whether if this is a cape that was worn by Darth Vader himself or something Kylo Ren made himself is unclear, but it is clear that Kylo Ren is still copying his grandfather’s style. Also, it has been said that Kylo Ren will wear a clean helmet that is almost identical to his original yet doesn’t have the scars and dents of his old one and the frill in the back is longer to resemble Darth Vader’s helmet. Finally, Kylo Ren will have a massive scar displayed on his face from when he was bested by Rey. I cannot wait to see the actual image of him when the new trailer comes.


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