I have been delving deeper and deeper into history and antiquity. Up until now I have been learning about the Dark Ages and medieval Europe, but now I am expanding my search to the reign of the Roman Empire. The reason for this is because my fantasy book takes place in an empire and what better way to gain inspiration for an empire than researching one of the greatest empires the world has ever known. I decided to begin with the food and table manners of the Roman Empire and I have learned that the Roman’s decadence and gluttony knew no bounds. On the upside, the Romans ate a lot more fruits and vegetables than the Tudor Dynasty (who mainly ate meat and sugar). Like the Tudors of England, the Romans were not picky eaters when it came to meat and ate every part of an animal. Compared to today, Roman table manners were very lax. For example, in the modern world you are not allowed to belch or fart at the dinner table, but in Roman times you were allowed. I am thinking of combining the food and table manners of the Tudor Dynasty and the Roman Empire for the world of my fantasy book.


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