I remember a type of sword known as the rapier, which was the weapon of choice for the Three Musketeers. Unlike the longsword or greatsword, the rapier relied on skill, speed, and precision rather than strength and power. I used to take fencing classes so I have a good idea on how the rapier is used. I am thinking of including the rapier in my fantasy book and make it the weapon of choice for a major character.


I decided to include a prologue at the start of my fantasy book because prologues traditionally set the stage for the story. The Lord of the Rings possessed such a prologue that talked about how the One Ring was forged, how the Dark Lord Sauron was defeated, and how the One Ring came into the possession of Bilbo Baggins. I thought of following this custom by writing a prologue that talks about the major historical events that led to the beginning of the story.


I have reached the first 100 pages of my fantasy book and things are getting electric so far. I have started to explore the concept of the medieval mercenary. Therefore, I have introduced a new character who is both strong and mysterious at the same time. In addition, I am introducing one of the towns and villages of the fantasy world and give the reader a closer look at its inner workings. It has been an enjoyable section of the story in which I give the reader a look at the smaller and more humble residents of the fantasy world.



I have been doing research on Norse mythology for my fantasy book and I came across something interesting. In numerous myths were a species of giants called Jotunns. Jotunns ¬†were often affiliated with the elements such as fire, water, earth, ice, and so forth. For example, Loki the Norse god of mischief’s biological people were the Frost Giants, which were a subspecies of Jotunn. I have already decided to name one of the creatures in my fantasy book after one of the elemental Jotunns. Also, I am now thinking of including a creature that represents the Jotunns giants as a whole, which are giants in general that could range between twenty or thirty feet tall. However, the giants I am imagining will not be the typical giants you would expect to find in traditional fantasy stories.



I had a conversation with my favorite author, Christopher Paolini, on goodreads.com and this is how it went:

Me: “It is an honor to communicate with you, Mr. Paolini. I am a great admirer of your work and look forward to reading your future books. I am pleased to inform you that you are the reason I decided to become an author myself. I thank you for your inspiration. However, there is one thing that I have been meaning to ask you. Will we see another story taking place in the Inheritance world?”

Mr. Paolini: “Glad to hear that you are writing your own projects! There is no set date for a return to the world of Alaga√ęsia because it’s really dependent on when I finish all of the other projects I’ve been working on and thinking about first, including my upcoming science fiction novel, #TSiaSoS. Hope that helps!”

This experience was utterly blissful because I got to talk to my idol and childhood hero!



What happens when representatives of the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire get dragged into a conflict with the Hutts? A great tale that gives the reader an accurate preview on what will happen in the new Old Republic game. It also has some classic Star Wars themes in it, such as the light and dark sides of the Force colliding with one another and the criminal underworld that dwells throughout the galaxy. The fate of the galaxy as a whole hangs by a thread as both sides fight for control. May the Force be with us all!



Drath Vader’s secret apprentice is back with a vengeance as he goes on a quest to rediscover his identity. A great story that has twists and turns around every corner. See Yoda and Boba Fett like you’ve never seen them before as they play a significant role in Starkiller’s quest. Vader even more mysterious in this book than he was in the first one. It is a classic combination between The Fugitive, The 6th Day, and The Empire Strikes Back. A highly recommended story to anyone who enjoyed the first Force Unleashed game.



Revenge of the Fallen was quite possibly one of the absolute worst films ever conceived by mankind. It was all special effects and no plot. A good film needs to have an equilibrium between a plot and special effects. Otherwise, the special effects are wasted without a good plot to back them up. Also, many people believe Megan Fox is a good actress, but in my opinion, she is the hottest, but worst actress in the history of film. I mean she has looks, but that’s it. No talent. Why do they even bother hiring her to be part of their films? Also, the lighting made everyone seem tan all the time. Did everyone go to a tanning spa before filming or what? Basically, everything in this film was absolute crap and a complete waste of film, time, and money. Are you listening, Paramount Pictures? Get it right next time!



Dynasty of Evil demonstrates the core philosophies of the dark side of the Force and describes the background of an even more complex and dangerous character than Darth Vader. This is a highly recommended novel to any Star Wars fan or for anyone who just enjoys science fiction as a whole. I hope every science fiction devotee will enjoy this particular item. May the Force be with you!