As I continue to write my fantasy book, I have reached a certain dilemma. Since I plan to include some of my knowledge of dinosaurs in this book, I thought of including Tyrannosaurus Rex in the story because it is my favorite dinosaur. On the other hand, since this is a fantasy book I thought of including dragons since they are my favorite mythical beast. However, I do not know if I can include both of them even though I am fanatically fond of both creatures. Therefore, I am thinking of including a creature that has features from both beasts; something that is neither T. Rex or dragon but something in between. This way, I can include both of them without having to discard one of them. When I think about it, this sounds like a potent mix and I look forward to writing about what this monster is capable of.

4 thoughts on “T. REX OR DRAGON?”

  1. Interesting idea, though I would think dinosaur would be a downgrade from dragon given I generally get the impression that dinosaurs weren’t quite as mobile as dragons are generally portrayed. Still, could be interesting.

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