As powerful superhumans can be, they still possess a degree of mortality. Like their bodies and minds, their powers could degrade or become unstable as they get older. At the end of my fourth and final volume of the Young Guardians Series I intend to explore this concept. Even though the Young Guardians will retain the appearance of teenagers, there will still be a part of them that ages after they live a few thousand years. When that happens, they will be past their prime and their powers will be boiling over. This will be a good end to their story and the beginning of their legacy, which will lead into the sequel series.



They finally released the title of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Some people have speculated on who this last Jedi is, but I think we already know who it is. Before Yoda died in the Return of the Jedi, he told Luke Skywalker that he would be the last of the Jedi after he died. After his failure to resurrect the Jedi Order, I think Luke lost his confidence in his ability to train Jedi. As a result, I think Luke Skywalker intends to always be the last Jedi. When he went to the first Jedi Temple, it looks like he went there so that the Jedi could end where they began, which is fitting. Normally, Jedi go to die on Mustafar, but the first Jedi Temple is a nice choice to end the Jedi. Unless Rey can convince Luke to train her, it looks like the Jedi will die with Luke. However, because there must always be balance in the Force between light and dark, if the Jedi die out it is possible a new light side order will replace them just as the Knights of Ren replaced the Sith. Either way, I look forward to finding out if my analysis is accurate.



It was a glorious day at Gyldenholt Unbelted. I got to wear a tunic, clock, and livery collar. I tried some quiche, listen to medieval music, learn some swordsmanship, and watch a great deal of awesome fights. In addition, I gained a lot of insight and inspiration that will prove quite useful in writing my fantasy book. I look forward to the next event.