I had an interesting idea for a possible story. As I am an avid science fiction fan, I also enjoy films and stories about Kaiju. Kaiju are giant monsters that are as large as skyscrapers and are capable of becoming living natural disasters. Famous Kaiju include Godzilla, Cloverfield, Pacific Rim, and Gamera. I have always been fascinated by the size, strength, and various physical designs of many Kaiju. With this in mind, I am thinking of one day writing my own Kaiju story. I am thinking of inventing two Kaiju of my own design. They would appear on opposite sides of the world before converging to one location to battle one another. These events will be witnessed from two main characters who eventually meet one another as the Kaiju battle. I already have an idea of what one of the Kaiju would look like as well as where the story will begin. It may be a while before I attempt to write this story, but when I do it is going to set my imagination on fire.


I had an intriguing idea for a short story. I am thinking of writing the origins and ultimate fate of one of my most infamous supervillains: Brick Baxter AKA Cyber Shadow. Among the things I will address will be how Brick Baxter became a sadistic bully and how he came back after the Young Guardians defeated him. Some of my readers have asked me these questions and now I have a chance to address them. Wish me luck and I will keep you updated.



In less than an hour, I will finally begin reading the final volume of the Star Wars: Aftermath Trilogy. The reason I am too eager to read this book is because a great many questions will finally be answered. What else happened in the Battle of Jakku? Is Gallius Rax Supreme Leader Snoke? Are the Acolytes of the Beyond the predecessors of the Knights of Ren? What is lurking under the sands of Jakku? All of these questions and more have been viciously eating at my mind for a long time and now I will be put at ease. I will keep you updated on what I discover soon.


At first, I thought of including dinosaurs in my fantasy book. However, I am now thinking of including dinosaur-like creatures of my own design. They will not be creatures that exist in the real-life fossil record, but they will possess traits from multiple prehistoric species. Essentially, I plan to combine a number of similarly built creatures in order to create animals that would only exist in my fantasy world. For example, I am planning to combine features from Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus, Ceratosaurus, etc into one of the most feared beasts in my fantasy world. Also, some of these creatures will be beasts of burden, others would serve as livestock, and some will serve as either pets or mounts. It is going to be an interesting process as I continue writing.



Velociraptors have gained a great deal of fame in the Jurassic Park films. However, some people don’t know that the real-life velociraptors were significantly smaller than the ones in Jurassic Park; being no larger than hound dogs. Still, despite their small size, velociraptors were as fast as they were deadly. I also like the fact that they may have had feathers because it would further connect them with modern birds.



When the whales first began, they were amphibious, crocodile-like creatures who lived in rainforests. A few million years later, whales evolved into something similar to their modern descendants. One such example is this creature: Basilosaurus. This animal was four times the size of a great white shark and ruled the oceans that existed after the dinosaurs. Their diet included smaller whales such as the dolphin-like Dorudon and any creature that was unfortunate enough to wander too far away from shore. Basilosaurus put the modern orcas to shame!



I think I know the origins of the Knights of Ren. In the Aftermath Trilogy, a new dark side order rose to replace the Sith: The Acolytes of the Beyond. Where these Acolytes came from no one knows, but they are devout Darth Vader fanatics and are obsessed with the dark side of the Force. In the first two books of the Aftermath Trilogy, it has been demonstrated that the Acolytes concentrated on acquiring lightsabers and earning their masks through a series of tests. From Taris to Corellia, the Acolytes have sparked chaos and revolutions across the galaxy. Kylo Ren shares much in common with the Acolytes in that he worshipped Darth Vader and wore a mask like his grandfather even though he did not need it for life support. With this in mind, I think that the Acolytes of the Beyond will eventually evolve into the Knights of Ren and recruited into the First Order. Hopefully, I will get some answers about the connection between the Acolytes and the Knights in either the third Aftermath book or future works.