In the possible Kaiju battle in my future works, I wonder what kinds of Kaiju I should model these new Kaiju after. Some Kaiju are reptiles like Godzilla, cyborgs like Gigan, parasites like the MUTO, insects like Mothra, or something else like Cloverfield. I already have an idea on one of the Kaiju, but I am having difficulty deciding which kind of Kaiju the second one should be. What do you think? What kind of Kaiju battle do you want to see most? Please let me know and place it to a vote.


I have just finished writing the new short story that talks about the supervillain Cyber Shadow. It has been a gritty experience and I have elaborated his return with nightmarish details. I promise that there will be some sections that will haunt you. Still, even though it is done, I might tinker with it here and there before making it public.



After reading new Star Wars books in detail, I realized some connections between the First Order as well as the Old Expanded Universe and the New. The First Order’s rise to power reminds me of the rise of the Separatists of the Clone Wars and the resurrected Sith Empire in The Old Republic. In the book, Bloodline, it was revealed that some senators of the Galactic Senate planned to secede from the New Republic and join the First Order. This was similar to how the Separatists were formed before the Clone Wars. After the Old Empire was defeated at the Battle of Jakku, the remaining Imperials fled into the uncharted Unknown Regions of the galaxy, where it slowly rebuilt its strength and started an invasion of the larger galaxy. This is similar to how the resurrected Sith Empire was created in the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace War in the Old Expanded Universe. I am loving how Disney is drawing inspiration from all of these past storylines to create the First Order. I look forward to finding out what other references they will use in the future.


I had an interesting idea for a possible story. As I am an avid science fiction fan, I also enjoy films and stories about Kaiju. Kaiju are giant monsters that are as large as skyscrapers and are capable of becoming living natural disasters. Famous Kaiju include Godzilla, Cloverfield, Pacific Rim, and Gamera. I have always been fascinated by the size, strength, and various physical designs of many Kaiju. With this in mind, I am thinking of one day writing my own Kaiju story. I am thinking of inventing two Kaiju of my own design. They would appear on opposite sides of the world before converging to one location to battle one another. These events will be witnessed from two main characters who eventually meet one another as the Kaiju battle. I already have an idea of what one of the Kaiju would look like as well as where the story will begin. It may be a while before I attempt to write this story, but when I do it is going to set my imagination on fire.


I had an intriguing idea for a short story. I am thinking of writing the origins and ultimate fate of one of my most infamous supervillains: Brick Baxter AKA Cyber Shadow. Among the things I will address will be how Brick Baxter became a sadistic bully and how he came back after the Young Guardians defeated him. Some of my readers have asked me these questions and now I have a chance to address them. Wish me luck and I will keep you updated.



In less than an hour, I will finally begin reading the final volume of the Star Wars: Aftermath Trilogy. The reason I am too eager to read this book is because a great many questions will finally be answered. What else happened in the Battle of Jakku? Is Gallius Rax Supreme Leader Snoke? Are the Acolytes of the Beyond the predecessors of the Knights of Ren? What is lurking under the sands of Jakku? All of these questions and more have been viciously eating at my mind for a long time and now I will be put at ease. I will keep you updated on what I discover soon.