I had an interesting idea for a possible story. As I am an avid science fiction fan, I also enjoy films and stories about Kaiju. Kaiju are giant monsters that are as large as skyscrapers and are capable of becoming living natural disasters. Famous Kaiju include Godzilla, Cloverfield, Pacific Rim, and Gamera. I have always been fascinated by the size, strength, and various physical designs of many Kaiju. With this in mind, I am thinking of one day writing my own Kaiju story. I am thinking of inventing two Kaiju of my own design. They would appear on opposite sides of the world before converging to one location to battle one another. These events will be witnessed from two main characters who eventually meet one another as the Kaiju battle. I already have an idea of what one of the Kaiju would look like as well as where the story will begin. It may be a while before I attempt to write this story, but when I do it is going to set my imagination on fire.


  1. I love Kaiju. They’re usually in terrible movies, but I watch them anyway (especially if MST3K got a hold of them). As a kid they gripped my imagination, as did giant robots like Transformers and Voltron. And honestly, Voltron fought a Kaiju in almost every episode.

    There are a few small publishers that produce Kaiju anthologies if you have a short story idea or two.

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