I visited Austin, Texas over the weekend and it was a completely wonderful weekend. I met a great many good people and had a grand and epic time. During my visit, I came up with a dangerously ambitious idea. Some of the people I met told me about a steak challenge in Amarillo, Texas. This challenge involves eating a 72 ounce steak and 24 ounces of sides all within an hour. Next time I visit Texas, I intend to attempt this challenge and see if I can earn a place in the Wall of Fame, which would be a great legacy to leave behind. In order to eat a steak this large, I am going to need a hell of a lot of applesauce! The last time I tried something like this was when I was in high school where I went to a local steakhouse that was offering a, all-you-can-eat BBQ rib order. Before I came along the restaurant’s record was two racks of ribs, but I broke that record of two and a half racks. I ended up eating so much meat that the restaurant had to cut me off before they lose too much product. Because of me, they had to shut the all-you-can-eat offer. I will let you know when and if I take this challenge and wish me luck as I train.


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