Allow me to share some of my wisdom in terms of writing stories. If you are working on multiple stories that you have to finish in a timely fashion, dedicate a certain number of pages on each project each day. If you do that, then you will be able to finish those multiple projects in a timely fashion so that you can move on to other projects. Right now, I am working on two important stories at the same time and I am dedicating one or two pages on each project each day. At that rate, I hope to finish them both by the end of the year (That is if I don’t get writer’s block). I hope this helps those of you who aspire to be writers yourselves and wish me luck.


  1. I either do it in two separate blocks — the morning block and the evening block…or I break them down into blocks of days during the week. It depends on when they are due. For example, right now, I have my client’s screenplay, my film short re-write and my new novel. So, the novel’s obviously the bigger project. I typically dedicated just the morning to that and do my client’s work for the rest of the day, but the film short re-write I may assign to just Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, then maybe Sunday to my book completely. This is a light load for me. LOL. But I do try not to take too much on. Two large projects are rare like this. It’s usually one large project at a time with several smaller ones. Great advice! Good luck with your stories!

  2. This is great advice – I often work on several separate stories at once. I find putting myself under that extra little bit of pressure helps me work in a more timely fashion. It also keeps my brain fresh, switching between them all, as I find my head can get bogged down obsessing over things if I only have the one thing to think about.

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