I am getting close to writing the first battle in my fantasy book and I can feel the tension growing in the story. I am planning to draw inspiration for the battle from the real life Battle of Pilleth. The Battle of Pilleth took place during the Welsh Revolt of 1402 and was the Welsh’s first major victory against the English in open warfare. After learning of how the Battle of Pilleth unfolded, I could already imagine the first battle in my fantasy book taking shape. The pieces that will motivate this conflict are already moving and it is only a matter of time until this powder keg explodes and a rebellion begins!



One of my favorite medieval films is a Heath Ledger film called A Knight’s Tale, which depicts a peasant’s rise to fame and glory as a knight. Apart from The Dark Knight, this was my favorite Heath Ledger film. In addition, I got to learn and enjoy the basics of jousting. This film was the first time I saw the actor who played Robert Baratheon from Game of Thrones. I could also see a number of references from the Canterbury Tales, which is what inspired the film. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys the middle ages as well as a story of an underdog rising from obscurity.


I just had an extreme idea for my fantasy story. What if the climax of the conquest consists of fighting three battles in a single day! These battles would take place within a few miles of one another and consist of an open battle, a siege, and a naval battle. A victory in one battle will decide the outcomes of the other two. The stakes are going to be at their highest and it will literally be winner take all! This is easily going to be the most insane battle I ever conceived of and I cannot wait to write it. Wish me luck!



Easily one of the darkest and most barbaric practices human beings could perform was cannibalism. Throughout human history, cannibalism was done either as a last resort for food, for medicinal purposes, or to magically gain the essence of their victims. Now the real life middle ages were dark and violent times and I intend to keep my fantasy book on the same standard. With this in mind, I am thinking of including cannibalism in my fantasy book and it will be a traditional practice for a particular group of people. It will also serve as the ultimate fate of one of the characters.