As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, one of my favorite superhuman powers is empathic mimicry, which is the ability to copy the powers of others by forming an emotional connection with them. However, I realized that there are two variants of this ability. One version is when the user just copies the powers, but does not know how to use or process them until much later. The other version is when the user copies the powers and has a form of intuition that allows them to instinctively know how to process and use the power instantly, which saves time. I am thinking of including a character who possesses one of these variants in the sequel series of The Young Guardians Saga, but I am having trouble choosing which one. Which do you think would provide an engaging story and provide realistic character development? Please post your opinions. Thank you.


  1. It depends where you want to go. Without the knowledge it could be interesting because each time a new power was taken it could work, not work or have a negative/dangerous effect because the user didn’t know how to control it; a built in weakness. With knowledge would that be an impression from the user or the power itself; theoretically the mimic could be better than the original; either instantly or alternately they could just work out how to better use their abilities than the original. This was the basis of interesting self doubt & jealousies in the XMen. Good luck.

  2. I think the first version provides for more character development. The character would have to struggle and take time to learn the new powers he or she possesses. However, if you need to advance the plot, and you want the character to be viewed as kick-butt, then I would choose the second version. It just depends on the character, and how you want the story to feel.
    Hope this helps!

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