As an avid fan of Star Wars, I have kept a close eye on the hints in Rogue One that connect it to the show Star Wars Rebels. In the hangar of the Rebel base, a character named “General Syndulla” was mentioned from the loudspeaker. Whether or not this character is Hera Syndulla or her father Cham Syndulla remains unknown, but I am betting on Hera, which would mean she gets a promotion at some point in Star Wars Rebels. Also, in the Rebel hangar, you can see the little droid from Star Wars Rebels, Chopper, briefly in the photo on the left side. In addition, in the space battle to steal the Death Star plans, you can see the Ghost ship from Star Wars Rebels in the Rebel Fleet, circled in the picture on the right. This makes me suspect that the show Star Wars Rebels will ultimately culminate in the Battle of Scarif from the point of view of the Ghost crew.


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