One of the most interesting reigns of English kings I have researched is that of Henry VII, founder of the Tudor Dynasty. Because of his precarious claim to the English crown, Henry’s reign was full of oppression and extortion. In order to control his allies and keep an eye on his enemies, Henry amassed an army of spies, bankers, and lawyers. The spies posed as servants in his subjects’ households or as priests in churches when they came to confess. Whenever supposed treachery was detected, Henry’s bankers and lawyers would extort the targets, which made defying the king both unthinkable and unaffordable. This tactic not only kept the majority of England under control but it also made Henry obscenely rich. After winning the Battle of Bosworth Field, Henry consolidated his hold on the throne by marrying Elizabeth of York in an attempt to reconcile a divided England. However, despite marrying a lady of House York, Henry had to put down rebellions from Yorkist factions who wanted the throne for themselves such as the royal pretender Perkin Warbeck. For my fantasy book, I am thinking of heavily drawing inspiration from Henry VII’s reign and quest for the throne for my main character.


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