This Saturday in Star Wars: Rebels, we will get to see more about Sabine Wren’s backstory. My father and I both have a crush on this Mandalorian girl because she is a feisty fox and a cunning warrior in the rebellion. Now she is in possession of an ancient weapon called a Darksaber, which was created for by the first Mandalorian to become a Jedi, Tar Vizsla. This is significant because that lightsaber has been a symbol of leadership amongst the Mandalorians for centuries. Because Sabine possesses the Darksaber and is Mandalorian, she has a chance at becoming the undisputed leader of all Mandalorians: the Mandalore! Due to the Mandalorians’ fierce sense of honor, when a new Mandalore called, his or her loyal subjects answered. This would be a serious boon for the Rebel Alliance because Mandalorians are among the greatest warriors in the galaxy and if they side with the Rebellion they can be used to great effect against the Empire. One Mandalorian is worth at least ten stormtroopers so they can cause serious damage for the Rebellion. I cannot wait to see if this happens.


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