I had been expanding my research on monarchs from all over medieval Europe rather than just England. In the process, I discovered something fascinating. The longest reigning monarch in European history, Louis XIV of France, had at least 16 illegitimate children and legitimized several of them. Among these legitimized royal bastards was this man, Louis Alexandre, Count of Toulouse. After being legitimized, his royal blood allowed him to become the Grand Admiral of France at the age of five! That is an impressive feat for someone so young to achieve especially due to their previous illegitimate status. Even though most monarchs leave their illegitimate children out in the streets with their discarded mistresses, I am going to take something out of what I have learned from this man. In my fantasy book, I am thinking of having the main monarch give wealth, lands, and titles to all of his illegitimate children as well as legitimize them. In order to avoid a fratricidal bloodbath after he dies, I am thinking of the main monarch keeping a strict record on who is on the line of succession. This will demonstrate that I believe that no man should leave any of children with nothing no matter how humble their origins.



  1. My husband’s mother in law found out a few years ago that they were descended from a duke through an illegitimate son. His father and then legitimate brother allowed he and his mother to live on the estate & paid for the best schooling. Although he inherited nothing he worked in a senior position for his half brother and was able to provide amply for his own family. 17th Century I think, my mother & law and her sisters went and visited the estate which is now a hotel and found that their ancestor was in the official history of the family as a illegitimate member.

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