I see a dark future over the horizon for America. “President” Trump has not taken office yet and already he has stirred up trouble both at home and overseas. That is a very bad omen for the leader of the free world. Despite the evidence of Russian interference in the election, he and his administration has continued to deny the allegations, which only increases suspicions regarding these events. Now I learn that he is praising Vladimir Putin, a known tyrant, as well as undermining our foreign allies in NATO. Also, his plan to ban Muslims, build a wall along the Mexican border, deport millions of people, take away healthcare from at least 30 million people, as well as the intense hatred and bigotry he has instigated throughout his election and transition gives me a seriously bad feeling of what we could expect in the near future. His outrageous would-be policies have divided and alienated the Democrats as well as members of his own party, which I suspect might eventually culminate in a mutiny against him. He also mocked the intelligence community repeatedly and is in denial when they present evidence to him. I do not feel safe with a “President” who refuses to listen to his own advisors and intelligence operatives. On the upside, all of these events and the events that might follow are giving great inspiration on a potential science fiction dystopian story. I just hope there will be a world to read this story when it comes.


4 thoughts on “POLITICAL PREDICTIONS 2017”

  1. Oddly, I feel inspired as well in a sick, twisted dystopian manner. Either we will come out of his presidency a more tolerant and unified democracy or an oligarchy led by an elite cadre of billionaires. I vacillate between imagining either or both.

    1. The oligarchy of billionaires scenario remind me of the Syfy channel show Incorporated, which depicts the same idea of a world run by corporations. It is a seriously bad fate for humanity to suffer.

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