King Richard III of England has always been a controversial figure in history. Some say he was a tyrant who usurped the English throne from his nephews while others think he was an unwitting puppet of ambitious noblemen. William Shakespeare depicted him as a sinister hunchback who wanted to be king while history depicts him as an average Joe. I was pleased when I discovered that one of my favorite actors Benedict Cumberbatch is actually a distant descendant of the late king being his second cousin sixteen times removed. I also learned that Richard III’s remains were discovered recently and he was finally given a funeral fit for a king. If I visit England in the near future, I would like to visit his grave and pay my respects to the last Plantagenet king to ever rule England. Like Shakespeare, I am planning to draw inspiration on the idea that Richard III was a villain. For my fantasy book, I will base the main villain’s rise to power on the controversial rise to power of Richard III.



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