I discovered an interesting and exotic weapon called the pata, which is a combination between a sword and a gauntlet. Because it was latched onto the arm, the blade of this weapon had more power than the average sword. Also, the gauntlet section can act as protection against enemy weapon strikes. From what I can see, if it was modified properly it could make a good medieval prosthetic arm. I might toy with this idea for my fantasy book.


5 thoughts on “WEAPON: THE PATA SWORD”

  1. Yeah, but if it gets trapped you are going to end up with a broken wrist at best and now with three pounds of useless metal dragging you down. And more power than the average sword? Huh? I can probably generate more power with a two-handed grip than with a sword attached to my arm. Also, harder to generate spin/fingertip control which is kind of important with sword fighting.

    I can see the idea of using it as a medieval prosthetic though, assuming you could switch out attachments.

    1. When I said “had more power than an average sword”, I was talking about one handed swords not two-handed ones. The pata would have more power at the cost of maneuverability.

  2. If the fist inside has the right kind of grip, similar to a katar, it would have more thrusting power. However, chopping power requires the motion of the wrist which allows the blade to whip through the stroke and gain more speed than just the upper arm and forearm can generate.

    I do think it would make a good parrying weapon, as removing the wrist from the equation would allow for more power when intercepting long sword strokes, and the gauntlet would work similar to a buckler, allowing the parrying to be done very aggressively. It could make for a powerful combo used as an offhand weapon alongside a more standard sword in the strong hand, Blows could be swept aside with the leading hand using the pata, and then the killing strokes could be administered in a follow up with the greater chopping power or greater precision of the standard sword. A left hand prosthetic like this would allow the same combo.

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