I just finished watching an episode of a miniseries called The Hollow Crown, which is based on several of William Shakespeare’s plays on English kings. The episode I watched was part 1 of Henry VI and I must say that I enjoyed the show so far. I never could understand the speech of Shakespeare plays even when I acted in them in high school. However, I understood enough to enjoy the story. Based on what I could understand, Henry VI was portrayed as a pious yet weak ruler who was little more than a puppet to his own advisors. What made me really giddy was that this episode depicted the chain of events that lead up to the War of the Roses. The War of the Roses was a civil war that tore England asunder for three decades of blood where kinsmen fought kinsmen for the English throne. It was enjoyable to get the emotional sense of how the war began. Overall, even though I have only just started watching the series I would recommend this show to anyone who enjoys Shakespeare as well as medieval stories in general.

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