Out of all the countless deaths in Game of Thrones, one of my all time favorites is Tywin Lannister’s death because he literally died taking a dump, which is freaking hilarious. I have always hated Tywin because even though he was a great leader and politician he was a terrible human being especially since he was the mastermind of the Red Wedding. As a result, I always wanted him dead and he died in a very fitting and humiliating way for a proud man like him.

Personally, I found his death in the books more funny than in the show because when I read his death in the books I could picture it happening. I pictured him with a twisted face full of pain and rage turning red with veins bulging from his head. Then he would be pooping and bleeding at the same time where Tyrion shot him, proving that Tywin Lannister didn’t “s#!t gold.” Then at his funeral, his corpse smelled so bad that mourners got sick being around him and he rotted in such a way that it looked like he was smiling, which he never did in life. Overall, it was a very fitting death and subsequent funeral for a wretched man.

Because Tywin was so obsessed with his legacy I wondered how he would have reacted if he knew that he would not be remembered as the feared man he was in life but as the pun of a joke. This joke was demonstrated during a play Arya Stark saw in Braavos where the actors portrayed him voiding his bowels with the crowd laughing at him.



  1. It was a pretty good death. To be honest, I loved Tywin. I know he did some shitty stuff, but I think the show suffers without him. Just not a lot of strong villains left, honestly except for the white walkers and Bolton.

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