Great news! I have gotten started on a new short story collection regarding the Young Guardians Universe. These stories will depict events that occurred from behind the scenes of the main story. For example, Some of these short stories will explain what happened to Cyber Shadow after his first defeat in the first book. Some will be fan fiction I wrote about my own franchise that did not occur in canon. For example, I write alternate versions of certain scenes that occurred in my books. And a few works are completely original works. For example, I write the origin stories of new heroes and villains who may or may not appear in the canon storyline. Overall, this is going to be an interesting cluster of stories that I am eager to share. I started this new project today and have already reached the fiftieth page. At this rate, I expect this new work will be released on Kindle within a matter of days. I will keep you updated on any further developments.

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